This project originated as a collection of R functions written to facilitate teaching evolutionary and population genetics in an upper level university class.  It has since then grown to incorporate additional resources.  Ultimately, the goal is to create a fully-featured resource that will support self-directed, online, or face-to-face learning in the field. Comments are welcome

A bit more on organization

There are really now two pieces to this project. The first, which is what this page is primarily devoted to, is an online text covering modern population genetics from a data analysis perspective. It is what is available from the menu of this page (in html) form. It was generated in RStudio; the original files can be seen at the PopGenWithR github site. The second piece is the R package TeachingPopGen; it also has a github site (bjcochrane/TeachingPopGen). Feel free to install the latter, using the code


July 2016 Update

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on this page, but there is now some progress. I have most of the material I’ve written, up to but not including natural selection and quantitative genetics, available in html versions from the dropdown above. I’m also looking for other resources to add – please feel free to make suggestions.